Raspberry Pi-Fi Wiki

User Interface Designs

This page contains the designs for the web-based user interface

The user interface designs were created using some templates for Google Drawings created by Morten Just. The prototype will follow the same colour scheme as the designs but is likely to change as the project progresses. These designs are limited to four of the most used pages, other pages will follow a similar style.

The first design is of the first page a user will be presented with when visiting the site (after the devices have been setup and named):

Device Selection Page

Once a device (or party mode) has been selected, the following screen will be shown. The controls for that device will remain active whilst the device selected.

Device Control Page

If the user selects Artists, the following page will be presented to them. The albums page will also follow this style.

Artists Page

Once the user has located the album they want to play they will be presented with the following screen. Other screens showing songs will follow the same style. Upon clicking a song a playlist will be created taking into account the context of the click and will start playing on the device.

Songs Page