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Welcome to the Raspberry Pi-Fi Wiki!

This Wiki provides design details and documentation for the Raspberry Pi-Fi project.

What is Raspberry Pi-Fi?

Raspberry Pi-Fi is the WIP name for an open source (GPLv2) multi-room streaming audio solution using Raspberry Pis, controlled via App Engine. The primary goal of this project is to provide similar functionality to other multi-room audio solutions but at a fraction of the cost, making use of any existing audio solutions you may have (Hi-Fis etc).

At what stage is this project?

This project was started as part of a university dissertation but will continue being developed once this has been completed. The project is currently at a prototype (Alpha) stage and will likely remain in this state until the dissertation has been completed.

Where's the code?

The code for this project (along with these docs) is hosted on GitHub which you can view & fork here. This application is written almost entirely using Python and is split into two sections: the Raspberry Pi code and the App Engine code. Feel free to fork the repo on GitHub and although pull requests are welcomed, these will not be merged until the university marking process has been completed (around July).

Can I get involved?

That would be awesome! See above!

How can I contact you about this?

This form will work for now!

Umm.... There's an error in your docs

Then change it! These docs are open source and can be found here you can either make a change and send a pull request or you can log an issue and I'll look into it!